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Hi There! I'm Eddie Boothby a service manager a employee asset a team builder a team trainer


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About Me

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I have a drive that is altruistic in the apartment service industry, with a direct approach in team training and corporate liked leadership.
I work faster-than-average pace with effective communication and management. I am an overall well organized professional employee contribution and confident in my skills to provide awesomeness to any single property or portfolio.

  • First Name: Eddie
  • Last Name: Boothby
  • Year of birth: 1975
  • Employed: Yes
  • Skype: EddieB678
  • Address: Tampa, FL
  • Spoken Langage: English
Letters From P.M & V.P
Supervisor - Westdale
2018 2-2019

Supervisior a Team of 3 employees on aged 302 unit managed property located in Sandy Springs.Property sold transferd to 260 unit aged property. Left for better medical benefits and hourly wage.

Supervisor - Mckinley
2015 - 2018

Managed a team of 4 employees that included scheduling Turnkey, Work orders, In house renovations, seeking new vendors and contractors while negotiation the contract terms. Inspected move outs, MI Turnkey inspection, Handled the SODA'S charges, Budget and order shop parts as needed.

Supervisor - Sterling
2008 - 2015

Handled all repairs, placing orders, setting up turnkey process on a 338 unit property built i 1985 with only a punch tech

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Letters From P.M's
Jon Ercole TX 76049 - Hometown America
8 - 2004

This Letter Will Serve as a recommendation for employment for Eddie Boothby. I was Ed's manager at Hometwn America, a community in Rochester Hills MI. Ed was employed as mainteance supervisor responsible for performing repairs and all aspects of maintenance related to site having 617 homes.

Eddie Followed instructions well and brought his knowledge of electrical systems, computers and other maintenance areas into the picture, fequently suggesting alternate ways to perform a job. He was eager to learn new things and take charge where it mattered

Ed related to the residents well and was able to interact professionally with them even when faced with rudeness or hostility. During the time I worked with him, Ed was loyal, honest and reported for work without fail. He was willing to work overtime and do whatever it took to get the job done.

Shefali Contractor - Sterling Vice President
2 - 2014

Dear Ed:
We have recieved letters of commendation from a resident at Dunwoody Ridge Complementing the maintenance work done by you and Derrick in there apartment.
Attached is a gift card from sterling in appreciation for your efforts and dedication. Thank you for taking care of our residents.







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Apartment Service Above and Beyond The Bike Story

The Bike

  • Resident : Child
  • Date : 2018

At the end of my day, just before I was going home! A Residents child ask "Mr Eddie can you fix bikes?" I said. " Well maybe, whats wrong with it?" "Mr Eddie my back tire stopped spinning." "Well lets take a look at it." "Okay I will bring it to you!" "While you go get it, I will unlock the shop, bring out some tools and wait." Luckily I was able to fix it! That's when the child looked up at me and said "Thank you so much Mr Eddie for Fixing my bike!" Where I said "Your Welcome, ride safe!" That was a perfect ending to a long day! I wanted to share it. There are many great things in life but the smile of a child you can help is at the top of the list!

Apartment Service Above and Beyond The Dog Story

The Dog

  • Resident : Pet Dog
  • Date : 2009

So I had a service request Ac closet leaking I knock on the door several times and say maintenance. I hear a dog cry. I realized no other resident is home and entered the apartment. The dog was all tangled up with small hook on a string around her head.
When doing work orders in the past she would hide under a bed. After helping her out she never did hide again she would run up to me and great me!